Comfort Food

There is nothing quite like comfort food to soothe the soul. On those days that are just “hard”, days you feel worn down, comfort food can bring you home to where everything is just as it should be.  Everything is just right, at least for the moment.

Well tonight is “comfort food” time at casa del Asbell. For the first time in 18 days, days of pre and post surgery, the door to casa del vino was opened and a treasure was secured for our utter enjoyment.   Ahhhhhhh, comfort food.  The wine I chose was not the most expensive, or even close to it.   I selected a 2012 Syncline Subduction Red.  This is from a small winery in the Columbia Gorge in Washington State. They specialize in wine varietals from the Rhone Valley. The Subduction Red is a juicy blend of several varietals and goes marvelously with the grilled Italian sausage, grilled asparagus tips and scalloped potatoes with goat cheese & herbs de provence that  Chef Leelee has prepared for this evening.  Comfort food Asbell style!!  Vintages of this wine over many years have provided wonderful memories for us.  Everything is just fine.

For the next couple of weeks, until the start of chemo, we will be exploring our cellar treasures…in moderation.  There is still healing from the surgery to do and the battle ahead requires my best physical and mental efforts.  But tonight we are enjoying our comfort food and we toast you, our friends and family.  




18 thoughts on “Comfort Food

  1. I toast you both on this, Earth Day…thanking the earth for the bounty she provides so that you may sip her grapes and enjoy the fruits of her labor to grow such wonders as asparagus. I simply know that you enjoyed every bite to the fullest…as you both enjoy every bite of life together. You are both inspirations to me on my journey.
    With gratitude and love,

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  2. How exciting that the Wine Room was opened for the first time in a few weeks and you both were able to enjoy a glass. What wonderful progress you are making, Jim. We continue to love the smiles, great positive attitude and humor. That will take you a LONG way in your journey and how much better that is than spending the time being miserable!!! Thank you both for the lesson!!

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  3. You are so inspiring! Just what the doctor ordered for me — broke my left ankle over the weekend, which seems so minor I won’t even complain. We’re praying for you, Jim. Enjoy the liquid comfort and give yourselves big hugs. xxx

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    1. What!! I hope your ankle will mend quickly, Janie. Please tell me you were mountain climbing in Nepal or something exotic when it happened.


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