Garbage Bags, Duct Tape and Nurse Cindy

File this story in the “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” category.

This morning as I slaved away at the computer, I heard the shower water running. The patient was bathing unassisted for the first time since surgery, unless you count some help from a cat who likes to lap up free range shower water. I went in to see if anything was needed and discovered the shower was not quite complete.

There he stood, naked, sopping wet, with a king-size outdoor type trash bag fashioned into a skirt about his middle. This stunning designer garment was held together along the seam by duct tape, naturally. A small strip of first aid tape at the waist area secured the skirt to his skin to ensure no water would run directly onto the belly wound sites. I began to giggle and had to resist the urge to get the camera.

Me: What the hell is that thing?

Him: Well, you said the nurse told me to just tape a plastic sandwich baggie over the site so it would stay dry until she got here.

I will spare you the details of what the nurse actually said, what I told him, and his unique interpretation. When our very sweet home health nurse arrived and I told her about the garbage bag skirt we all had a good laugh. The belly wound is looking better today and that is all that matters.  

Nurse Cindy and Garbage Bag Man

Not to end on a down note, but there may have been some confusion yesterday regarding the pathology report. Yes, the surgery went well and Jim is a good candidate for chemo, but nothing has changed. There is no cure for metastatic colon cancer that has spread to multiple organs. The best case scenario is that chemo buys time. We will move forward with treatment, eyes wide open, pragmatic in our decision-making. We share our experiences as a means to help ourselves as well as those who know and care about us. Jim has made it very clear to all of his medical team that we are not “chasing rainbows,” as he puts it.

For today, it is enough that healing from major surgery continues. Since Jim is tolerating a wider variety of foods well, he got a BLT for lunch. Bacon makes everything in life better.


20 thoughts on “Garbage Bags, Duct Tape and Nurse Cindy

  1. Like “Duct Tape” you two make the purrfect sense to me for sure. An American classic that Mr Duct not to be confused with Mr Duckman! We are so appreciative with
    the Blog & are somewhat addicted to that afternoon post instead of a classic rojo vino. Our “Art” is the way we life to its fullest. Thank you Lee & Jimmy so much.
    The other day I came across an old Lakota proverb: “Without tears in the eyes, there can be no rainbow in the heart.”

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  2. Lee, I do so hope that you did get the camera and take that picture so the 2 of you have something to look at and laugh about in the years to come. I can just picture the “outfit” but have a feeling my visual isn’t nearly as funny as the real thing!! So glad the healing is continuing and even happier that Jim got to enjoy a wonderful BLT…..what could be better than that!!

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  3. We have extra large garbage bags, should you run out! Just in from seeing Newsies at the university. Good Broadway show. Our friends are here from Colorado. They are interested in retiring here, so we are house hunting with them. Talk tomorrow. Good night. P&M


  4. Jim missed his calling. Design Schooll – let’s sign him up. There is a Duck tape Fashion contest in late May. We should sign Jim up. Tee Hee, Earline


    1. I’ve heard duct tape comes in lots of colors so I better get him something besides the basic black he was sporting yesterday!



  5. Hats off to the both of you!!! The grace and the dignity you have shown in sharing this journey with others is amazing. We can laugh with you and shed tears too. All of us are on the journey to the end of our lives. All we have is time and we have to take it one day at a time. SO there are no really “down” notes to your posts. Facts are facts, but miracles do happen. We deal with the first and pray for the second. A sorrow shared is half the pain and a joy shared is twice the joy. Try to get some “tiger stripe” duct tape.
    Peace and prayers.
    Patti and David

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    1. Patti,
      “A sorrow shared is half the pain and a joy shared is twice the joy” really sums up the benefit of this blog for us. Thank you for sharing both with us, although I much prefer the later.

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  6. A shower (no matter what the fashion), smiling nurse Cindy & a BLT for lunch WOW!! Now that was a good day. Your spirit is beyond measure. Know our prayers are with you.



  7. There is serious business behind the fun, thanks for sharing both. You told us just enough about the shower for our imaginations to take it from there — verrrry funny!


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