Bye Bye Beardie, Bye Bye

  Jimmy models his lovely beard for all to see!

It has been two weeks to the day since I have had surgery to rid my body of a large nasty tumor.  There were many instructions from the hospital on that day.  The most intriguing to me was the request not to shave. Since I was to be on blood thinners it could complicate things if I knicked myself.  These instructions were held in place for my entire stay.   That would give me a six day head start on a beard, a “safe haven” from spousal nagging.  Hooray!!  

Once we got home I shared my enthusiasm regarding my 6 day beard with Lee and it was remarkable how well she stifled her excitement.  Over the past week Friends remarked how “Hemingway-ish” I looked.  Then I looked in the mirror and all I saw the old man and the sea. What?  I’m in the desert, not the ocean, and I’m not an old man.  Really, I’m not!  So this morning off with the beard.  Yes, this looks familiar.  Although my bride wasn’t quite gushing, I could tell she approved. 
   Not a hair on my chinny chin chin!

This afternoon we visited with my surgeon.  She reaffirmed her initial evaluation that the remaining colon shows no signs of cancer.  The pathology report showed cancer in only 1 of the 19 lymph nodes.  From what she observed and the state of my general health, she is confident I will have good results with chemo. She removed the JP drain ( yeah!!!), but noticed signs of infection in the main incision. She cleaned it out and prescribed  some antibiotics. I will have a home nurse change the dressing every day until I return to the surgeon next week. Yippie Skippie!  


27 thoughts on “Bye Bye Beardie, Bye Bye

  1. Nice clean look Jim but over the years I became accustomed to the mustache which I always thought was a look for you.

    Great news from your doctor!

    Bring back the stash my brother!


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  2. Hi Jimbo!

    I kinda liked the beard, but I know they get itchy! Great news from your Dr. I’m excited to hear more stories of your continued improvement.

    Best wishes,


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  3. Hemingway? Isk?
    Well not bad if you’re alone.
    Sounds like a clean report.
    Your a perfect ass hole..
    I love this about you.
    Stay with and explore some new diet options.
    Always ate everything. Am consuming things I never considered.
    Not a bad time for reflection.
    Be grateful. I am also.
    Love. B n

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  4. CONGRATS on BEATING this THING. Looks like Nurse “Lee” has been taking GOOD care of you. Keep up the good work Lee. Jim, no matter what Lee says, ”KEEP” the beard. Continue to heal.

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    1. Hi Sandi. Unfortunately I haven’t beaten this. The surgery was successful, but cancer had already spread to my liver and lungs. In all likelihood it will kill me. That said it is possible that chemo can slow down the cancer and provide with years of additional life. Thank you for your support, especially on the beard thing!


  5. Oh my, sir, you look so young and strong and ready to slay dragons with that clean shaven face! So happy for the good news from your doctor. I hope you can eat well now to keep getting stronger. On goes the fight! Sending prayers of strength and victory!
    Love, Heather

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  6. To ” beard” or not to “beard”? I’m going with the “NOT”. Picture looks great!!!! I will toast your surgeon and you with my next glass of wine. Great job and report. Get plenty of rest so you and the chemo can beat the hell out of that positive node. If you or Lee need anything- be sure to ask. Keeping you both in thoughts and prayers.
    Patti and David Dennis

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  7. A new man is born!!! What a difference a beard makes. However, it only changes the appearance, not the person. When Ernie shaved his, he, too, looked so different and I was torn with which look I liked better. So happy that you got such a glowing report from your surgeon and that you are back to being able to eat all of Lee’s incredible cooking. Love seeing that smiling face.

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  8. All the good news, post-surgery, is highly encouraging.
    The bad news- clean shaven! Us beardies are looking to grow our cult! Now we have a defector 😦
    Kidding aside, it is great to see you living it up and eating and drinking, and eating and drinking… Keep it up! We love ya.

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