An Outing for Jimmy


For the first time in nearly two weeks little Jimmy enjoyed a purely social outing. Yippie!!  Lee and I enjoyed the Quail Creek Fine Arts Club meeting on Friday. It was fun to visit with our art friends and discuss their new projects.   My recovery from the surgery continues in a positive progression. Pain is now under control and subsiding and my guts starting to come around.  We have a meeting with the surgeon on Monday afternoon. 

In the meantime my mission is to soak up the beautiful sunshine and enjoy all the goodies designed to enhance my waistline.  



16 thoughts on “An Outing for Jimmy

  1. Ah a breath of fresh air & time to see some art & to have Triple-Treat Chocolate Chip Cookies fresh out of the oven by Gerlinde. Good to see you & Lee & glad
    you are realigning the “Guts” to the new plan. Keep us running Duckman with your vision & humor. Lonny Sisson taught us to sit at the table & knock one out of the park & create some art in minutes. You have that vocabulary now also! Thanks Lee & Jim.

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  2. Jim you have the greatest attitude! Work hard at being happy haha and keep up the great work. Eat a bite! You know, Boston cream pie and all that. xo

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  3. So glad to hear you’re rejoining “the land of the living”. And we’re so glad to hear how you’re doing on your blog. Hang in. We’re here for you!

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  4. Who would have thought that in such a short time you would be back to attending a meeting and looking so well. Positive thinking, humor, and a great “nurse” must be what it takes!!! Keep going in this direction. We LOVE LOVE LOVE these wonderful reports.

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