I am quite reknown for my use of colorful language.  Especially  when I encounter sudden bursts of pain, such as when I miss the nail and hammer my thumb.  In such situations my cats scurry from the room, Lee covers her ears and begins chanting, babies cry, strangers start praying and a cloud of blue air envelopes the atmosphere.  However recent bouts of intense pain have left me totally speechless, it is a very debilitating pain.  All I can do is bite my lower lip.   If this continues much longer my reputation will be ruined. Immediate action is required!

In most respects my recovery from abdominal surgery is doing very well.  After less than a week I can  stand straight and walk about using my crutches with no difficulty.  I no longer require assistance to get out of bed. I can get dressed and undressed with no assistance (although I do prefer Lee’s assistance with the latter 😆). 

The problem lies with my guts, they just are not playing nice.  Let me tell ya, there is not much worse than passive aggressive guts. They sort of work, but with no accomplishments, and they impart waves of sporadic and intense pain.  No one likes change and my guts are no exception. After 67 years of doing the same thing in the same place , all of a sudden a chunk of them is removed and everyone has to move to the left.  They were doing a good job and comfortable where they were, why should they have to move!  Since, after all they are my guts, I wouldn’t be surprised if part of them are saying “f**k you!”   So we are tweaking my pain meds a tad and getting some “secret sauce” that should slap my guts around a bit and remind them just who they work for! 

In addition we have incorporated voodoo reinforcements.  When Lee had her major series of surgeries (5 in 10 days) a few years ago, our dear friend Linda made her this magic Sock Monkey pillow.  It worked wonders!  I can already feel the power.  Thank you Linda and thank all of you for your support, prayers and well wishes. You empower me. 



12 thoughts on “Ouch!!!

  1. You bring up year-and-a-half memories, Jim. I never hesitated to use the big gun pain pills. For me the pains lasted a couple weeks, then went away. I am still trying to get used to my new plumbing arrangement but am coping well with it. I recall my appetite wasn’t tip top those early days

    To double up on fighting pain (and to cut back on the “poor me” impulses), I tried some simple therapy exercises gleaned from a book called “Wherever you go, there you are” That helped too.

    You seem to me to be on track for a timely recovery. Your spirit is strong.


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  2. We are so sorry the “stupid” guts can’t behave and do as they are told to make things easy and comfortable for you!!! We will keep sending lots of strong positive energy from across the vacant lot (glad it’s still vacant so there is nothing to get in the way!!) Hang in there, dear friend, as every minute of every day should get a bit better and easier as the healing takes place slowly. The problem is that some of us just don’t have any patience left and want it done NOW!!!! So, put on the silly Ducks Hat and just keep that wonderful humor of yours going as well as you can. The two of you are the best!!!! Love you and you are both in our hearts.

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  3. hope the med changes have helped. I know lee is encouraging you to use all the pain med due you. they probably do also slow down the gut motility so you’re between a rock and a hard place but pain is wearing and no damn fun!! I’m happy walking is getting better. that’s good for everything.

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  4. Jim,

    You are al loud & rightfully so. We haven’t heard you here at our home yet. Don’t bite your tongue so to speak – not a good idea, just another problem.

    We are both so proud of you & your accomplishments at this time is all you’re going through.

    Carl & Gerrie Jauhola

    Phone: 907-347-0114 (Carl)

    907-347-0115 (Gerrie)

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