Bread and Broth

An unusually cool, showery Sunday reminded Jim and I of the Pacific Northwest today. As much as we loved living there, we feel quite at home in our new community. Yesterday, a loaf of home made bread made by two of my neighbors arrived, along with some Pinot jelly. Since Jim cannot drink any vino at the moment, he is looking forward to tasting the wine jelly soon. Tomorrow he begins a very bland soft food only diet. Thank you Pat and Jane.  I scarfed down some of the bread at dinner last night and it was yummy. 


This morning our friends Debbie and John arrived bearing gifts of bread, also home made, along with the best damn chicken broth ever. Jim had the broth for lunch and was so delighted with its flavor he called up Debbie and demanded the recipe. It has two cups of white wine in it. No wonder he liked it so well! All kidding aside, both the broth and the bread are excellent and much appreciated.  

Rich, delicious chicken broth
Beautiful bread before it got sliced

Jim had a good day with lots of snoozing and cat company. He enjoyed a proper shower and a long phone call with his brother. Visitors are welcome. Just give me a holler to see if he’s awake before you come. He’s got a week’s growth of scruffy beard which he says he is going to dye various colors for holidays. When I pointed out that red-white-and-blue dye around here would mean he was an Arizona Wildcat fan, he paused. I am sure Mr. Oregon Ducks super fan will come up with a workaround.

Last, but not least, here is another gift Jim received just before surgery began. A virtual Ducks wine glass from Marj, Steve and Charlotte. Cheers to you, all of our amigos.   




9 thoughts on “Bread and Broth

  1. Artisan bread & Pinot Jelly with O’Rourke’s famous Chicken broth that only the hardiest Irish can make or take. Some real Duck booty for sure Mr J, don’t you
    remember feeding the ducks in the park the Wonder Bread, well you got the upgrade. Premium Artisan Bread with Sister Jam dipped in chicken broth is heavenly
    followed by that Duck Virtual Wine a vintage that Lonny told you about & you know from the French Laundry. Well Lee & Jim you have honored us by sharing
    true communications through a treacherous journey. Thank you & Love – Marj Charlotte & Steve


    1. bread and broth… try grave yard stew
      old crusty bread torn into bite sized bits
      to fill a bowl
      hot milk to fill as you like i use whole milk
      alittle butter
      sog it up eat.. take a nap. its all you can do after you eat.
      you’ll see
      you be doing very good keep going
      all the love from oregon

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  2. Yummy!! Makes me hungry.
    Nurses and I zipping all over. Sonoita and Flying Leap today and of course, cards.
    They are having a great time and I am so lucky to have friends like them.
    Moe will be home Wednesday. In fact, he will come in right before they leave, so they are all going to act like they are his Mormon wives at the airport and greet him when he gets off the plane. He may turn around and get back on the plane! We will make a time to see you next week. Rest up. The body needs rest to heal. Love you two. Me


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