Stormed the Desert

At 5:00AM Dr. Artz asked Jim if he was ready to go home today. He told her the proper Ducks t-shirt had already been selected and he was good to go. The surgeon headed to the airport to catch a flight to Paris. While April in Paris is supposed to be magic, as we all know, there’s no place like home.

After a long morning of hurry up and wait, the moment arrived.

Five day stubble guy got a two-person escort to the chariot.
Five day stubble guy got a two-person escort to the chariot.

Jim did quite well on the long, bumpy ride home. Tucson streets are notorious for lack of maintenance. He has a boatload of dressings, medications, diet restrictions and follow-up appointments. Right now none of these things matter. He is home, napping with a vicious feline standing guard.

Lord Cotswold the Handsome attends to his master.
Lord Cotswold the Handsome attends to his master.

We are so grateful the surgery went well and are going to spend a few weeks puttering at home while Jim recoups. Thank you one and all for your support and encouragement during this chaotic time. We’d like to say a special thank you to neighbors Bob and Bill who zoomed into action yesterday to install a grab bar in one of our bathrooms. When we arrived at Casa Asbell this afternoon the work was done, including paint, and it is perfect.


17 thoughts on “Stormed the Desert

  1. This is wonderful!!! So glad you all are home and that everything went well. Sending continued thoughts and prayers for a restful and smooth recovery. Much love!

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  2. Some one asked…
    Do you know Jim.
    Yes. I said.
    What do you know? He asked quietly
    I know that now he has become a perfect ass hole.
    Is that good? He asked.
    Yes it is good For all.

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  3. Lookin’ good, Jim! Picked up another bottle on our quick California trip — All Star Liquors just before the Oregon border always has HUGE discounts, so we restock the liquor cabinet. In addition to Chivas, Oban, Dickel, Tanqueray and Don Julio anejo, they had a nicely cared for 2008 BV Tapestry. Only $43. Could not resist. Will put it in the travel case with the Evening Land LaSource. 🙂
    Keep up the great recovery so we can start popping corks!
    John & Kathie.

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