What a Difference A Day Makes…

Jazz aficionados know this 1959 classic song as sung by the great Dinah Washington. In the surreal world of hospital time, a lot can happen in a day. For Jim, many welcome changes have happened just since last night.

Tubes, wires, pain pumps, and evil beeping contraptions are toast. The big tube in the nose is history. Only a few doo dads remain. Poking and prodding schedule has slowed. Sleep time has increased. Best of all, the guts are working again. The surgeon has agreed he may be able to go home as soon as tomorrow. Maybe.  

Lovely Lena brings breakfast

What do you serve a gourmet oenophile who has not eaten a morsel of food in six days? For an amuse bouche, cranberry juice was selected, followed by a first course of orange jello and an entree of chicken broth. He decanted a 2015 ice water into a plastic cup to accompany the feast. It was fabulous. 

Lots of work lies ahead today. Jim will get up and walk a bit, see how he tolerates oral pain medication, talk to a case manager, discharge planners and a whole mess of other folk who help determine what Jim needs at home. It will be a full day. Fingers crossed he can get outta here soon.  

Cotty heard Dad is coming home soon

21 thoughts on “What a Difference A Day Makes…

  1. Homeward bound by the Simon & Garfunkel rings out. What a great Kitty visit & great news as you prepare for departure to the homestead. Congratulations Jim.

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  2. Hip Hip Hooray!!!! And for sure, “what a difference a day makes”….. seeing the picture of that smiling face and hearing about that gourmet breakfast is wonderful and so different than what we saw yesterday. Great progress and so much of it is due to the great attitude of both of you (lots of good humor works wonders, too). Hugs, T & E

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    1. The Asbell’s decadent wine habits are on hold for a bit, but we hope to crack open something good once Jim is back on a normal diet. For a while it will be only very soft foods, no caffeine or vino. Boring, yes but getting sprung from the hospital is tasty enough.

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  3. Wow, what progress! Generous doses of humor are surely working their magic…along with all that HARD work of healing! We’re excited about the prospect of your being home and await requests for meals, house chores or whatever might end up on that If-only-we-didn’t-have-to list.
    PLEASE let us know how we can help!
    Gentle hugs to you both,

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    1. Pat,

      Thanks for your gentle hugs and kind thoughts. We won’t know until tomorrow, but expect Jim will get discharged after he sees the surgeon in the morning. Once I know the plan we will be our usual blabber mouth blog posting selves. Just getting Jim back into our Easter Lily Pad will help the healing continue. Our wonderful Quail Creek support network is at work as we speak, getting ready to install a new grab bar in one of our bathrooms tomorrow. We feel so lucky to have neighbors like the Newport-Berra-Piepmeier faction on our side and will let you know what might be needed once I figure out what the heck that is.



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