Shall We Dance?

Our friend Moe says life is a dance. If Moe had been here today with Jim during physical therapy he would probably have cracked a bad joke that would go something like this:

Moe: “What did you do with the money?”

Jim: “What money?”

Moe: “The money your mother gave you for dancing lessons.”

Here is Jim doing a little dance with his physical therapist. Not exactly like Dancing with the Stars, but it represented a Herculean effort for Jim. He sat up at the side of the bed, strapped on his brace and shoes, and stood tall for the first time since Monday.   

The physical therapy waltz

Tomorrow we are looking forward to the removal of the annoying nasogastric tube in the nose and the start of a liquid diet. Up to now it has been ice chips only. Another day has come and gone and we are headed in the right direction. 


11 thoughts on “Shall We Dance?

  1. Martha Graham Paul Taylor & Fred Astaire could really breathe Dance. The rest of us only dream of movement like the stars. Thank God you are a Fighting Duck Jim
    because on only ice chips you are really performing incredibly. The photography by Lee & writing by you both & the cast of caregivers is also top notch. Please know from the sidelines we are cheering you as our greatest Star. If you can’t sleep tonight spell Fighting Ducks with your toes!

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  2. wonderful progress. bet you couldn’t stand that well yesterday. even our modern day surgery is a lot of trauma. anyone but a surgeon do that much mayhem to another person, they’d be in jail for a long time. I know you’ll be smiling once that ng tube is gone. :-). love you, jimmy!

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  3. Hi Jim, I read Lee’s comment about the dance! I am so happy you were on your feet today!!!!! I know you really don’t like me saying this but: ” you are my HERO”!!!!!! thanks for all the great updates Lee!!!
    LOVE you guys

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  4. You are progressing every day, going in the right direction. Hope today will be better, and easier for you than yesterday. You are like a freshman at U of O football camp. The training days are hell, but then you are in the game and scoring those touch downs!

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