A Star for Jim

James has asked me to post two photos from today. Here is the first:  

Out of bed and into a chair.

The distance between the bed and the chair was about 18 inches, but for Jim it looked like the Grand Canyon. It was painful, a bit scary and exhausting, but he did it. He celebrated with a U of O salute. This is the first step in the road to walking, an activity many of us take for granted. Not so for Jim. 

The next photo is from an afternoon meeting with an RN who works on the complexities of discharge planning. Although Jim will be in the hospital at least through Saturday, perhaps longer, it remains to be seen what type of assistance will be required to keep him on the road to recovery once he goes home. We’re glad we have many handicap access features in our new home, including a barrier free shower, grab bars, etc.  

Little Jimmy got a big star from the nurse for getting out of bed and into the chair.

Yes, he is experiencing a range of emotions and frustrations. Yes, it sucks being stuck in a hospital bed. Yes, he would like to make faster progress. He pooh-poohed the chair as a big milestone until this nurse told him precisely how important it really was. She was genuinely pleased. So am I. 


17 thoughts on “A Star for Jim

  1. Way to go, both of you! Loved the earlier update about your guardian bird too. Hope you can get some rest & when you’re not resting, keep up the great work!

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  2. Truly AZ has not experienced the incredible “Spirit of the Duck” & the supporting cast that accompanies Mr Jim. The goal is clear Mr J & you & Lee are on that.
    Congratulations on a super ability to achieve. Great day & let Mr Dream Time carry you away to a new horizon tomorrow.

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  3. Ask a duck what it took to fly for the first time, or a Duck (capital D) to run his first touchdown. You accomplished a lot getting into that chair. Go Jim! Go Ducks!

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  4. I am SO proud of you! Baby steps-remember the one day at a time….and the emotions are so normal and on track-you can do this and my prayers are always with you!! Tough minds my friend…..

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  5. We were not pleased with your diagnosis, the big bad nasty CA. We wish you a speedy recovery. Jim had a friend at the same hospital several years ago and the care was excellent. Having worked in health care for years the milestone move to the chair is great. Not sure of your contact with Frank(next door) about your surgery. My dear friend Carolyn(your neighbor) let us know.

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    1. Thank you Joyce and Jim. You are welcome to share this blog with Frank and Sondi or anyone else who might like to know. We love our new home and hope you are enjoying our old one!!!

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  6. Go Ducks! You look like you are ready to receive a football pass! Tom is following the website for the ducks and is POSITIVE the ducks will win the national championship play off this year. Now that Tom has Lee’s recipe for the ribs, we will cook the ribs this year for the championship game and all watch together.

    We are in Pinetop,AZ this week doing a little hiking. Our internet access is a little off and on. Hope to see you when we return.

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  7. I think this deserves two stars…….and looking good too…….and an clarification on the drooling cat painting prospect…….drooling or green with envy that Miss Marian gets to keep an eye on Jim from her nest and be protective and the cat is relegated to the distance. And ever since cats were treated like royalty in ancient Egypt, their descendants have never forgotten it and still expect to be first in line, so of course the cat would be jealous. Hugs, Judy and Lonny

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