The Power of the Duck


A rather uneventful day today. A lot of lisenting to jazz, watching the sunshine  filter thru the trees and conversations with the head coach of my defensive team, Lee.   I think they call this healing after a big surgical day. 

Unfortunately I didn’t get out of bed, but was able to sit up and dangle my toes over the edge of the bed.  WooHoo!

None-the-less the power of the Duck still made its present felt,  as evidenced by the attached photo.  Despite being in the heart of Arizona Wildcat country with a  nurse who attended the University of Arizona, the installation of lighting yellow Duck socks was successful. Notice her attempt of resistance with her wildcat hand gesture…  HA!! 


10 thoughts on “The Power of the Duck

  1. How are you feeling?
    The food?
    Do they have fast food in your hospital?
    They do in many. Keeps your client close and profitable.
    Be good. You have to go home to watch the Chineese Grandprix.

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    1. Since I had gut surgery, no food for me. Lee thought the food was good for her breakfast and lunch and inexpensive With gut surgery you have to make there is nothing in your guts so I haven’t solid food since Saturday lunch and no food since Sunday dinner! I think I’ll go on a food strike until they feed me!


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