Bikinis and Birds

Good morning one and all from Room 817 at Tucson Medical Center where a new star in the world of high fashion has been spotted modeling the latest in a black camo bikini. 

supermodel at work

Thank you, Mark Portrait, for making us laugh when this gift arrived a short time ago. 

Jim is doing okay, but very tired. Anyone who knows the hospital drill understands that sleep is hard to come by, especially in the first few days after a big surgery. Today, we hope he will be able to get out of bed and into a chair. Getting up and about will help get his guts start working again, but in the three-ring medical circus, there are many moments of hurry up and wait, yes, no, stop, go annoying-as-hell crapola. 

Like many sprawling medical centers, this one has its weird, older funky buildings and its shiny slick new towers. The only decent coffee is at the opposite end of the hospital from Jim’s room so I am getting some walking miles in to get espresso. Patient rooms are clustered around small courtyards. Jim has a nice window view of cacti, an olive tree and a mother dove on her nest. He has named his bird friend Marian, after my mother. In 2012 my Mom spent eleven nights at my hospital bedside while I took my turn in surgical hell. We appreciate Marian Bird’s watchful eye when I am not around.  

Meet Ms. Marian Bird. 


12 thoughts on “Bikinis and Birds

  1. Looks like critters find you where ever you go. Perhaps it is new subject matter for a painting with one of your cats, cat drooling of course. Warm hugs, Lonny and Judy


  2. Leave it to you two to find the humor and the natural beauty and the love of family and friends during this difficult time. You are both so inspiring! I simply know that all of that positive energy is helping the journey of can it not?
    On my bike ride this morning I saw a cotton tail, a cardinal and stopped my bike to listen to a cactus wren sitting on the top of a sahuaro, chatting with her friend on another nearby sahuaro…and I thought of you two and sent a prayer up to the clear blue sky for you.
    With gratitude and love,

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  3. A wonderful black camo bikini is great booty but the Marian Bird is the best. Mothers are a rare bird & & the honor is due Marian Pritchard. I believe the peeps
    will implant on their 1st vision Jim. You know what that means! You in bikini with your Duck hat & socks on as their first site. :-} If you can’t eat or sleep or have
    wine then you might as well carry on with all our love coming your way.

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  4. What’s that look about, Jim??? Hope you were able to get into the chair today with the bikini on…..give those nurses something to really smile (and talk) about!!!! We are hoping to see you sometime this week if your makeup is perfect and you are up to entertaining visitors!!

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