The A Team wins its first battle.

Lee here, typing for Jim. Here is his message:

Back in 1970, in the motion picture Patton, the movie opens with a now famous battle speech. One thought has stuck with me and my competitive nature all these years.

“We will march throught the Germans like crap through a goose, tear off their heads and shit down their throats.” That my friends, is my attitude about cancer.

The first battle in my war with cancer was last night. The allies, Jim and Lee Asbell, along with Dr. Katie Artz, are the “A Team.” Last night the A Team had a good win. The big, ugly tumor is no more, as well as one of the tumors on the liver. The balance of the colon looks perfect. No other surprises at all. Recovery today has been excellent. I will be getting into a chair, with the help of a physical therapist. Probably some more swear words will be involved.

I realize this is the first of many skirmishes, but as former Ducks coach Chip Kelly would say, it is all about “win the day.”

As an added bonus, the diminutive Dr. Artz with her tiny hands, reached in and tore that stinking tumor from my core, leaving an incision that is still small. She has assured me I can look forward to a career as a swimsuit model with such a puny scar.

Changing shifts, the nurses talk while Jim listens.

22 thoughts on “The A Team wins its first battle.

  1. When I saw “A-Team” I immediately had a mental image of Jim with a mohawk and a huge gun with an Oregon duck sitting in it shooting a flurry of bullets and a wine bottle in the other hand! Go A-Team!!!!!

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  2. You look pretty damned good from being out of surgery less than 12 hours!!! Keep up the good healing process. We are ready to see you both back on Easter Lily Lane!!

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  3. I LOVE your attitude…BOTH of you! Remember that we’re ALL in this together…praying for you, thinking of you, cheering you on to win the day…and beyond!
    Sending virtual hugs, gratitude for your doctor and team and love, lots of it.
    Pat & Buzz

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  4. The “A” team is incredible & as the step on the moon occurred we hear one small step for Duck & one giant step for Duck Nationals. You Asbell’s are the dream team.

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  5. Lee,

    Fantastic news please pass our good feelings onto Jim!

    P.S. Jim knows I’m a big Patton fan and I know he is also. I don’t know if he or you have read the original speech to the Third Army and if you haven’t yet I think you will enjoy it. I suspect the producers of the film were not allowed to use the extra colorful language Patton used and the speech itself is much longer and more detailed not to mention even more inspirational, at least it is to me. Please pass it along to Jim when he is up to reading it.


    Joe Seguin office: 707.863.9190 mobile: 707.631.9492 mailto:

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  6. “A TEAM!” Dang, I just love you guys! I love the attitude, the competiveness … just everything. Congratulations on a successful surgery, and I sure can’t wait to see Jim in the next Miss Universe contest.

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