At just a hair over two hours, Jim’s surgeon came out to tell me he is doing fine and the one word she used to describe the surgery is the title of this post. Textbook.

Yes, the tumor was a big gnarly thing. Yes, the lymph nodes and liver are involved, but we knew that already. The good news is the rest of what they saw looked good. No surprises. 

I expect it will be late before he is in his room and he will be very dopey tonight. He has an NG tube, and other icky stuff that he will grouse about, but I am looking forward to Mr. Cranky emerging tomorrow. 

Dr. A tells Mrs. A the news. Why do i look like a loony person?

21 thoughts on “Textbook

  1. Amen! Been praying hard today & totally agree to earlier sentiment of Fuck Cancer and the gnarly tumor! And as you know with my own cancer battle where you have been rooting for me~same goes! One day at a time, one battle at a time & my prayers for speedy recovery!Love & hugs!!


  2. Excellent! Textbook is super & agree~Fuck cancer and this tumor! Its my battle cry too as I fight my battle where you are rooting for me as I root for you both. One day at a time, one moment at a time! Been praying non~stop and send love & hugs! Recover well my friend!


  3. This is bringing the best out of the Looney Ducks. Textbook for sure & Dr A what a master surgeon to know all the particulars of a Duck. Adios tumor!

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  4. Prayers flowing like good wine for both of you. Get plenty of rest Lee. Jim is in good hands at the hospital. If you need anything be sure to ask your friends, even your brand new ones.

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